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Strengthening exercises for runners

1. High knee raise kettlebell farmers walk( 3x20 steps each side)

2. Kettlebell high knee balance walking lunges (3x10 steps)

3. Runners pull (3x 6 each side) (hold 3sec up)

4. Clamshell 1&2 variations (

3x 10 each variation, each side)

5. Bosu side plank , hip raise , knee to chest (3x 8 each side)

6. Swiss ball plank roll out (3x 40’’)


Run better, run faster, run further 🏃🏻👊🏻💪🏻🔥You were born to MOVE!


 workout by Lazaros Palachamides

Fitness Trainer

@fitness_vamp 🦇

Personal trainer, outdoor training, strength & conditioning. Owner @room45cy Tel. 99431562

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