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Kostas Patinios

Kostas is the personification of lifelong sport, long distance runner, runs in races from five to one hundred and five kilometers (until now)

A friend of #moonRun, multywinner in our race with a contribution to one of our best cultural activities so far, the "Poetic Path". We had the honor to be given works of Kostas and Pola Hadjipapa where we exhibited them along the course of our race and runners and walkers had the opportunity to see and read them.

Veteran athlete of the Gymnastics Association "Praxandros" and active athlete of SDYK.

His main feature is selflessness even during his daily training where he often accompanies and guides other runners in their training "sacrificing" his own training plan.

Kostas is a poet and writer with many of his works being inspired by his everyday life.

These are days when I breathe their silence (Armida 2011)

Dromou Dromena (Armida 2012)

Kounisou Mouxla [With artistic creations by Pola Hadjipapa] (Armida 2014) are some of his works.

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