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Avraamis Avraam

Avraamis Avraam the multiwinner of #moonRun occasionally at 5 and 10km on same night!

Athlete of G.S.P 2015-2022 and since this year athlete of G.S.E

He started running in 2014 at the age of 33

He participated and excelled in Pancyprian Championships in the 1500m, 5000m. 10000m, Half Marathon, Marathon and 10k Cross Country races.

With many participations in road races in Cyprus and abroad and unforgettable successes the 3rd place in the 10km of the Vienna Marathon 2019 and the 1st place at 5km in Lisbon for the IPA World Police Games 2018

The most important thing for Avraamis, beyond any racing success, is to be able to inspire and be the right exemplar athlete. His motto is “If you have managed to inspire even one person to start running, to wake up in the morning to put on sneakers and pull-on roads, parks and mountains, if you have inspired even one person to try harder, to exceed the limits to achieve his goal”, this for Avraamis is his greatest reward as an athlete!

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