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Training program aimed at participation in a 5 km race, lasting five weeks for beginner runners.*

Small tips

Wager with yourself a feasible goal to stay focused on, for example Running Under The Moon® 5km Individual / Teams Run

Do not get carried away by the excitement from others more experienced runners  run based on your training program.

Find or make friends with the same fitness level with you and go together for running.

Do not run full of stomach, if you will go running  after work eat a snack or a bar.

Invest in a good pair of shoes, a special pair of running shoes will protect your feet and help you run better. In Cyprus you can find from 40 euros.

All mobile phones have free programs with GPS to measure distance and training time. The ideal is to buy a GPS clock / oscilloscope

Learn to Breathe: Try to keep your breathing slow and steady, it is ideal to breathe from the nose and mouth. The more air reaches our muscles, the better they work.

Stay focused on your training program and not to run quickly at first and then stop.

If you miss a workout it does not matter, move your schedule normally. If Wednesday's training is lost, we do it on Sunday.

Show patience and the result will amaze you.

On June 23 2018, you will be READY

#GetReady #NightMarathonCyprus

*the training program was prepared by Sotiris Mavros

( Ba in Physical Education and Sports Science

  / Technical Director of Running Under The Moon®)

Χρυσός Χορηγός